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Sustainable Tourism

Since we ran our first trip in 15-04-1990, we have been committed keeping the world’s most beautiful places pristine by minimising our environmental impact. Recognising the fragility of the planet wilderness environments, we keep our groups small and operate according to a ‘Mountain Code’, which is provided to all groups, trek leaders, agents and staff. We make sure that our local staff are well treated and well paid, we respect indigenous cultures, take care to protect the environment of the places we visit and take every opportunity to make a positive contribution wherever we travel. Our philosophy of ‘leaving nothing but footprints’ has been integral to Mount Toubkal approach right from the start over 28 years ago.

The Mount Toubkal Mountain Code

  • PROTECTING the environment – its flora, fauna and landscapes
  • RESPECTING local cultures – traditions, religions and built heritage
  • BENEFITTING local communities – both economically and socially
  • CONSERVING natural resources – from office to destination
  • MINIMISING pollution – through noise, waste disposal and congestion

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Minimising Environmental Impact

We make sure our trips have as little impact on the environment as possible. We use dedicated campgrounds, and ensure toilet & washing facilities do not contaminate water supplies. All litter is removed and recycled where possible. Overseas Partners

Mount toubkal works in partnership with numerous overseas agents who provide the services that make our trips possible. Mostly small family run businesses, they are also dedicated to Sustainable tourism. Mount Toubkal provides guidance on how to adhere to our Mountain Code and work in partnership to help give something back to the communities.

Local Crews and Porters

Almost all Mount Toubkal trips are supported by a crew of local people. We aim to ensure all porters and crews are provided with adequate equipment for the environment, they are paid fairly and given adequate provision for food and accommodation. We also ensure porters loads are not excessive.