Mastering the art of trekking for 20+ years in the wild.

Discovering Morocco's Atlas: A Trekker's Paradise with Mount Toubkal

It’s all about Mountain Trekking In Morocco. That is what Mount Toubkal was founded upon and what the company is still all about. Discovering Berber villages, Day Trips from Marrakech, Atlas Mountain tour, skiing, exploring this amazing planet we all live on. At Mount Toubkal, we know what makes you tick when it comes to holidays. It is a desire shared by so many others. A yearning to visit new places and come home with a real sense of what they are all about. This means diving into Berber local traditions, cultures, lifestyles – anything that contributes to its unique identity. At the same time, we always remember that we are only guests. So, we travel courteously and respectfully in smaller groups to minimise our impact, to ensure that every Mount Toubkal holiday is a beneficial experience for everyone involved.

This is a philosophy we take with us around the Atlas mountains of Morocco. We also strive to provide as much flexibility and choice as we possibly can, making it simple for you to experience a very different Mountain Trekking.

You know you are in good and safe hands with Mount Toubkal. All our office staff has a passion for Trekking travel and adventure, and between us, we have notched up experience that spans 175 different treks – all of which means we know how to give you the best experience when you travel with us.

That is not all, in their former lives, our team members have been professional, mountain guides, muleteer, drivers, porters, Cooks – and we use our expertise to give you the very best adventure possible. Extensive planning, research, fact-finding, and training are just some of the ways this expertise comes through in your adventure.

We are not shy in saying we lead the way in safety, quality, ethical community engagement, and learning outcomes. We believe in the value of what we do, it is why we are still here, it is why we plan on sticking around a whole lot longer.


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